Autumn Colours

No way to deny that summer is over and fall is here.  The year is rushing towards its end and we're running along.  Leaves are partly beautiful and partly dead on the ground yet. 
November isn't the most loved month of the year, except you're living your dream and run of, to Australia. There it is springtime.
I'm not the one to live that dream. But my son is.  He wanted to travel Australia since he was a boy of 14.  This fall his dream is coming true and he left his home.  Driving a campervan, taking lots of pictures, watching whales and great landscapes, finding new friends and learning to live his own life.   It will be a wonderful and an important trip for him.  For me it is the loss of my only child in my home after 21 years of caring and sharing, teaching and loving.  I love him very much and therfore I love what he's doing.  But the last weeks of preparing and goodbying left an impact on me. The way from Germany to Sydney is pretty far and as I watched his flight on…

Love Is In The Air !

Love is in the air! Finally it is spring, at least in this part of the world. This time of the year when people want to fall in love, to marry, to plan adventurous holidays and feel the flow of joy and love in their blood!

I'm currently writing a lighthearted story about Harper Woodward. He's a sailor with the Navy and he will celebrate his birthday, soon. But even if you make the best plans, there is nothing like a guarantee that your wonderful plans will come true ... 
You can have a peek at this story by going to the 'For Free' section of this page!  
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Invitation 💕

If you happen to be in Bremerhaven,Germany on Friday March 10.
and you're interested in a reading with three German writers, like Susanne Bienwald, Maren Schönfeld and myself Reg Dixon, I'm happy to invite you to our: Ladies Night!
See you! Reg

Januar 2017

Happy New Year 2017! 

2016 will be gone soon and hopefuly all of you will have a great party and decent celebration!

With Fireworks and the wonderful sound of the bells.

Or with impressing aurea borealis in solemn silence, like the men up North!

For us, Champagne and the usual party at home, with friends and family will have to do! Maybe we'll have a little bonfire and some fireworks, too.

My wish for the New Year  2017 for all people around our wonderful planet is:  It might be a good year, full of love and peace. With that, we'll be able to take care of the rest. 

With love! Reg Dixon

Book Launch Party! "ALASKA"



*ALASKA* Die zweite Hälfte, die andere Seite der Medaille, das andere Ende der Welt. OUT NOW!  Ich freue mich über mein neues Buch und ich bin ein bisschen stolz darauf. Okay, ziemlich stolz. Indie-Autorin die ich bin. Ich habe jedoch auch Hilfe und das ist sehr schön! 
Für alle Leser denen der erste Teil der bilateralen Liebesgeschichte, zwischen dem Ingenieur aus Alaska und dem Polizisten aus Russland , Druschba heißt Freundschaft, gut gefallen hat und die die Fortsetzung kaum erwarten konnten, gibt es hier eine Leseprobe! Alaska ist für Kindle als E-Book und als Taschenbuch zu haben.